By: Reid Whitten

The European Union and United States comprise 40% of global economic output and the trade relationship between them is the largest in the world. Tariffs between the two partners are already low (only 4% on average) and the long-lived peaceful commerce across the Atlantic has held on through boom and bust.  So if trade agreements aim to free up the flow of trade between regions and increase economic activity and wealth on both sides, what policy change could promise potential gains of nearly $200 billion shared between the two economies?
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By: Reid Whitten

On June 15, the European Union put into effect some 271 changes to its dual-use export control regulations.  The changes represent an update of the entire European export regime to incorporate numerous changes made in accordance with international agreements reached in the past few years.
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By: Neil Ray and Curtis Dombek

The risks of trading with Iran have never been greater. U.S. and European authorities, in particular, are scrutinizing exports to Iran more closely than ever under both sanctions and export control laws. On January 23, 2012, the Council of the European Union (EU) adopted an unprecedented package of sanctions complementing the existing EU sanctions against Iran.  The new sanctions reflect the EU’s deepening concern over the nature of Iran’s nuclear program.  The new measures include:
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By: Curtis Dombek and Dan Brooks

On January 18, 2012, the European Union adopted Council Regulation No. 36/2012 (“Regulation 36/2012”), which imposes new restrictions on companies doing business in Syria.  Regulation 36/2012, which repeals and replaces previous measures adopted by the EU in May 2011, has particular implications for companies operating in the oil and gas, energy, and telecommunications sectors.

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